Bedroom Scene

posted on 01 Apr 2012 08:27 by adored
Your Bedroom Scene is something that warm you up to reality.
After sleeping for a while , you wake up , open your eyes.
Processing about where are you , who you are.
And after that a bit you become into realisation that what happen in the past and what you should do next.
So, I cause some trouble when you didn't wake up on your own bed.
Having sucky bedroom also really suck , you know.
It's the first thing you saw and probably the last thing you see at the end of the day.
Traveling is good but at limit you just thrill to go back home.
I remembered the day after I visited my grandma house.
I woke up , surrounded by the view I didn't used too.
In my head , I screamed "OMG! Where am I? What happened?"
"This isn't my bedroom. MY BEDROOM? #!? WHO AM I!?"
followed by other overnumerous panic phrases,...well...
It took a while.
Yes,I'm so not morning people and I took it slow...
I felt bad for someone who have to moving aroud all the time...